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Rcexl ignition Quality warranty

2019/03/12 10:33
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To our dealers and users: 
Rcexl ignition Quality warranty 

Rcexl ignition Quality warranty is valid for two years worldwide. 

Warranty Coverage 
You may get replacement from our dealers in the case of quality problems(Circuit problem). caused by ignition box, or other quality problems in initial use without damage to the exterior. 

However we charge for replacement cost and freight in the case of: 
• Damage to the wires or cap caused by improper use or installation 
• Breakdown caused by improper mounting of battery 
• Normal wear-out 
We suggest that you contact your dealers first for replacement needs. If your dealer is unable to do so, please visit our website 
http://www.rcexl.comand click "dealer link " to get assistance from other dealers; or write Email to rccdi@163.comfor assistance. 

We'd like to draw your attention to the service of United States of America CH Company( Many users assume that all the ignitions made in China are manufactured by RCEXL and return to CH Company for repair service. CH Company has all the RCEXL ignition maintenance accessories. 
However we hereby announce the following: 
RCEXL has never changed the exterior look of its products but only canceled the two installation holes in its recent production. You may find the mark of "MADE BY RCEXL" on the bottom or one side And pseudo-imitation logo of any RCEXL ignitions. Please identify this mark. 
RCEXL has registered its own trademark in China and has obtained a number of patent rights for its exterior look as well as the certification marks for CE and ROSH. Other ignitions not manufactured by RCEXL will not get any repair service or part replacement from us. Please distinguish the manufacturers.

Here are some other manufacturers IGNITION  ,not make by rcexl picture:、